What You Didn’t Know About Wheelbarrow Wheels

Wheelbarrow wheels come in two designs: pneumatic and solid tires. The pneumatic tires resemble small automobile wheels. They contain inner tubes that you can inflate with air pressure. These types of wheels can withstand heavy loads and can work well on loose or soft terrains. When the wheel is wider, it rolls more smoothly on sand, gravel, or mud without much damage to the surface.

Most wheels are 3 or 4 inches wide, but it is also possible to find a wheel as wide as 6 inches. With air inside the inner tube, the wheel rides smoothly with reduced bounce even when you ride over a rough terrain or on obstacles. However, these tires are prone to running short of air and becoming flat. It is always advisable to have a replacement wheel or keep the pressure balanced at all times.

On the other side are rubber wheels that do not go flat. Some resemble the pneumatic tires but with only inbuilt air pockets that help cushion the load. Wheelbarrows with solid rubber wheels are ideal for construction sites where sharp objects and debris may be strewn all over. These tires also enable you to save money on maintenance issues. They can handle weighty loads but do not provide smooth rides as the pneumatic versions. In many instances, you can buy the wheel separately for your wheelbarrow.

Give it a test

Even if a particular wheel looks attractive, it is always advisable to give it a test to know whether it can work on your wheelbarrow. For example, you have to determine the position of the handles and the tray balance. It is also advisable to consider the height of the tray because it determines how low you stoop during offloading.

When you are out to shop for wheelbarrows, it is wise to read reviews and gather more information about the products. For instance, if you visit Wheel That website, you could find more information about wheelbarrows. Try out the products in the store by putting some weight into the tray. This will help you determine whether you can handle the wheelbarrow when fully loaded. During the test, check how the wheelbarrow turns. This is important if you are considering a two-wheel model.

Finally, selecting the right wheelbarrow for the task you have at hand can help make your work easier and give you more time to focus on other duties.