What are the Benefits of Bug Zappers?

Bug zappers are quite a common device in many homes. They help to get rid of those annoying mosquitoes that love biting you. They are indoor and outdoor devices that draw mosquitoes and zap them using a low level of electricity. This reduces the population of insects around your house while minimizing the possibility of other pests invading your property.

Sometimes zappers get a bad rap for not working effectively, but rest assured that they do work. After only a day of using them, you’ll see hundreds of dead insects in your insect tray. Be sure to visit http://www.bugshock.com/ for extra information about bug zappers.

Poison free

One huge plus of bug zappers is that they don’t pose any health risk. They help you get rid of insects with fewer chemicals and less personal intervention. If you’re spraying insects to eliminate them, you may have a rough time. Most bug sprays are not only filled with harmful and poisonous chemicals, they could also harm you.


Unlike bug strips and bug sprays, electronic bug sprays can be reused. Many of them can be mistaken for lanterns and may easily match with the design or decor of a patio or home. On the other hand, strips are ugly and are unpleasant to look at, especially if you’ve got guests over.

Portable and rechargeable

Bug zappers are portable, which means you can carry them around when traveling, thus minimizing the risk being bitten by insects when you’re away from your home. They are also rechargeable. So, if you’re traveling to a remote place where there’s no electricity, you can charge your bug zapper and use it later as the charge can keep it running for three and a half hours.

Easy to install and clean

Bug zappers are designed to be cleaned easily as they have a metallic grid, which doesn’t easily get dirty. When dirty, you only need a rug to clean your bug zapper. They are easy to install too as they have a strong ring for hanging.

Electric bug zappers provide an easy and effective method to control flies, mosquitoes, gnats, as well as other pesky flying inspects. When you use this device indoors, here’s a trick to improve its effectiveness: place your bug zapper in areas with high bug traffic. This is because a bug zapper’s effectiveness depends on insects sensing light. In turn, they’re lured into the equipment and zapped.