The Makita drill machine

Drills are crucial tools that one should have in their garage. They are a must-have because one never knows when they will need a quick repair that might need boring of some holes. Drills are perfect for their precision and the little time they use for the kind of work they do. Drills can penetrate a number of surfaces that other methods would not. They vary in shape and size while also in their functions. There are specific and multi-purpose drills. The Makita HR2470 drill is one of such equipment that one should have in their garage.

The Makita drill machine is a lightweight but powerful machine capable of more than it gives the impression it can do. It packs quite a substantial punch and has three drilling modes namely, rotary only, rotary hammer and chiseling action. The drilling power that it has goes beyond expectations with its capabilities catching the eye. It can drill an impressive 13mm into steel and as it is known steel is one of the hardest and impervious materials to penetrate. It bores 32mm into wood and a depth of 24mm into concrete. This is the ultimate drilling machine. If it can drill into a variety of surfaces with minimal fuss. It is a tool for multiple functions and a number of applications.

It is equipped with a powerful 780 watts motor providing an outstanding 4500bpm. It has an impact energy of 2.4 Joules per stroke, it has a powerful forward and reverse rotation and it has an efficient torque limiter. It is a machine which does not put those who are operating it in any kind of danger. Miscontrolling a drill can be of grievous harm as it can cause serious injuries. But with the Makita drill, one does not have to worry about control as the variable speed trigger ensures that one has proper and full control of the drill while they are operating it.

The Makita HR2470 drill has an impact stop facility when one is operating it on wood and steel surfaces though an SDS+ adaptor may be needed. When one is working with any tool, they would want it to be easy to handle, they would want something that they can carry around their worksite for convenience and without struggle. The 2.6 kg weight and design of the drill makes it a portable and a favourite for many who find it easy to work with. It does not compromise on operating power as one does not have to use large amounts of power to operate it. Yes, it is powerful but it is energy effective. Its ergonomic soft handle makes it comfortable to use and maintains ease of use. The fact that it is lightweight, easy to operate and portable reduces user fatigue and ensures more output and productivity.

One can go online and request a quote so that they can buy it either for themselves or order for their company. It is an easy process, one just has to enter their personal details and they will receive a quote to buy this high standard drill.