The difference between gaimpad and joystick.

From the ancient time’s sports as a show attracted a huge number of people. However, in the eighties of the last century with the development of computers and digital technologies the special virtual game industry had appeared. Gaming machines and consoles, clubs and cyber sports competitions – all this units’ present community of the gamers who are not imagining their life without virtual fights. The abundance of different genres games gave the chance to each producer to find the niche, and the wide choice of game accessories diversified game process of gamers at all. The emergence of various joysticks, wheels, game manipulators and helmets of virtual reality allowed millions of people to plunge into the game world, without coming off a sofa. Nevertheless, the most part of gamers even does not suspect that the gamepad differs from the joystick. For them, it is two identical devices. Whether so it, we will find out in this article.

The gamepad is one of game manipulator types, representing the panel with buttons withheld mainly by two hands. On the left part of the panel, as a rule, there is a cross piece for the management of the character (buttons to the right, to the left, forward, back), and on the right part – buttons of actions (firing, jumps, blows and other). Are involved in the management of the majority of gamepads both thumbs of hands, and index (cocks in “DualShock”).

The joystick is the game controller in the form of the small handhold on a support with a set of additional keys, buttons, and cocks. Control is exercised in two planes preferentially of one hand. Because of the word ignorance etymology and assignment of the pointing device by a joystick called gamepads for consoles of Sony the PlayStation and Xbox, and the game consoles Dendy and Sega.

The most of the game pointing devices are issued under separate game genres. Therefore, the wheel with pedals is intended generally for racing genre games, the Wii console controller – for sporting titles, and gamers in aviation simulators and the cosmos simulators use the joystick. Only gamepads are the universal accessories allowing to control the character in different genres games whether it be the sporting simulator, an action or a race.

Thanks to the Nintendo, company and its NES prefix gamepads found unprecedented popularity.

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The arrangement of the “crosspiece of management at the left” and “block of buttons of actions on the right” buttons offered by the above-stated company in its first console became a certain standard in the game industry. Further, a configuration only the number of buttons did not change increased. Therefore, the cocks located on a backside of the case and managed by index and middle fingers were added to the gamepad. Then joined peculiar analog flow down or the small multiposition joysticks imitating buttons of actions and management of the character. Because of these analog sticks, many began to call gamepad’s joysticks.

So in what a difference between the gamepad and the joystick? Appearance, various purposes, and methods of management – all this distinguishes one type of the controller from another. Nevertheless, you should not forget also about the price of the game manipulator. Despite the development of a mobile segment of the game industry, the console and personal computers are still popular among gamers. Purchasing this or that game accessory, gamers pay attention not only to design, functionality but also to the device price. The minimal cost of the gamepad is much lower than the price label of the cheapest joystick.