Stethoscopes – An Essential Tool For Medical Professionals

Stethoscope is a medical device which is used by the doctors to hear various types of sounds of our body. Doctors, nurses as well as medical students use this device during medical examination. This device has been used from a very long time and many major changes have been introduced into it for making it more effective. This device identifies ailments and disorders present in the body. So, if you are thinking of getting a new stethoscope for you, then you can visit Stethoscope Lab for your better understanding. Below discussed are some points that can also help you in the process.

Chest piece: Chest piece is the most important part of stethoscope as it detects the sound of your body and allows the doctor to hear it. These chest pieces allow you to check the respiratory system as well as the cardiovascular system of your body. These chest pieces are made available in many forms of metal. Some of them are made available in aluminum whereas some of them are made available in stainless steel. Aluminum chest piece is light in weight where as stainless steel chest pieces are heavier than aluminum ones.

Tubing: Tubing is also done in the stethoscope which delivers sound to your ears so that you can listen to the sound of the body very effectively and efficiently. Many stethoscopes use PVC tubing as it helps the sound to get delivered to your ears. This tubing also protects rubber latex and makes the stethoscope long lasting and durable. This tubing allows more sound to be captured by the chest piece and is being transmitted directly to your ears.

Headset: A headset is upper end of the stethoscope that provides you with proper sound of everything which is captured by chest piece. These headsets go inside your ear and provide you with the sound. You can prefer to choose headsets with an ergonomic design that help you to protect your ear from getting damaged as well as provide your ears with comfort and proper sound. Many of the doctors use stethoscope multiple times a day, even for hours so it is important that the headset must be comfortable.

Portable: Portability is another feature that should be considered while selecting a stethoscope. The modern stethoscope comes with PVC tubing which is light-weighted as well as very portable and durable. Aluminum chest piece is widely used these days as it makes it easy to carry stethoscope along with you all the time.