Perfect Instagram Selfie – How to Do it in Five Steps!

The same way you wouldn’t wear black shoes with a brown belt, taking a selfie that will get tons of likes (and followers) has rules too. Here’s how to do it like a pro!

Flatter Your Face

Yes, your face is everything. After all, selfies are all about faces, right? So make yours perfect. How? Well, tuck down your chin and tilt your head just a little bit to flatter your cheekbones. The idea is to make your face look super pretty and sexy – the way Kylie Jenner does it.

Don’t Use Your Camera’s Flashlight

Sure, you need good lighting but natural light is the best. You don’t have to wear makeup to get a beautiful glow. Keep off the fluorescent light too. Don’t even think about using your camera’s flashlight. In fact, all you need to do is to go outside and make use of the sun’s glow! Or, turn your face toward a window with natural light.

Mornings are the Best

You’ll take a great selfie shot if you do it in the morning. At this time, your face isn’t sweaty and your makeup is still fresh. Plus, the wind hasn’t blown your hair (unless you’re from the gym or morning jog). Put differently, you’ll be looking your best in the morning.

Bring Out the Model in You

Selfies are all about looking happy, radiant and full of life. If you want a photo that will attract rave Instagram likes, you have no time to look timid. So, be sure to raise your eyebrows, moue your lips and don’t forget to smize. In short pose like a model (even if you aren’t one). And, speaking of likes, visit  to learn more about how you can buy high-quality Instagram likes and followers to help grow your brand.

Be Mindful Of the Background

You don’t have to show off your expensive living room. Even then, your background has to look clean. Remember, your followers will see the backdrop as well. The last thing that you want is anything that makes your selfie look awkward. You don’t want your pic to end up on the worst selfies ever taken list, do you?

In conclusion, filter your selfie stick – nobody wants to see it. Besides, you want to make your photo look cohesive. One more thing, don’t forget to camera-up. In simple terms, hold your phone a little bit above your head. That way, the selfie looks less intense.