How to prepare an ideal burger at home?

Preparing an ideal burger. It is not as simple as it seems at first sight. In this overview, I will share cool recommendations and experience, which will turn you into an expert in burgers preparation.

1. Cook forcemeat by yourself!
Of course, there is a desire to purchase already made
forcemeat on the way home in a local supermarket and not to spend time for its
preparation. In that case, better directly refuse from idea of preparation of
an ideal burger. It will turn out dry and tasteless in 9 cases from 10. In
order to make ideal cutlet for burger do not be too lazy and make forcemeat at
home. For this matter, it is better to use meat grinder (find more at

2. More! More fat!
The burger is not a dietary dish. Therefore, do not
spare the fat. Ideally, the meat ratio to fat in forcemeat can be 80 to 20 (80%
of meat and 20% of fat) or even 75 to 25 (75% of meat and 25% of fat). For
example, the forcemeat made from 2/3 fast beef (shovel) and 1/3 fat beef
(passion) will be perfectly suitable for a burger.

3. Only salt and pepper!
Ideal burger cutlet does not require additional
ingredients, except salt and pepper. It shall not include any onions, garlic,
and especially bread, potatoes, and eggs, which hostesses like to add to
regular cutlets.
Add pepper to forcemeat directly. It is better to salt
cutlets for a burger before the hottest. Otherwise, salt will give to forcemeat
dense and elastic texture what we, on the contrary, want to avoid.

4. Create the correct cutlet!
Ideal cutlet shall be ideal in taste, shape, and form.
If you prepare burgers rather often, purchase a special press. If it is not
available — the regular culinary ring shall approach. Do not forget that during
preparation time your cutlet will roast away. Therefore, do it a little larger
size than want to receive as a result.
If you have neither culinary ring nor a special press,
cut out a ring from a plastic bottle or use a can from fish preserves.

5. Cool off forcemeat!
Before starting forming of cutlet for the burger, cool
off forcemeat. Otherwise, the fat, which is its part, will stick to a form and
a working surface. However, not only forcemeat, but also hands, and tools that
you use shall be cold. Therefore take a culinary ring or a press in the
freezer, and periodically wipe hands in the course of forming of cutlets with
an ice cube.

6. Choose a right baked roll.
Do not forger that from the quality of it will depends taste of your burger. It is good idea to buy several different and to choose the best one.