Finding a Good Waffle Maker to Use at Home Without Breaking Your Bank

There is nothing like homemade waffles. They make the perfect Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast that everyone looks forward to all week long. Waffles are just a little slice of heaven here on earth.

There are two problems with most home waffle makers. First, they can be quite messy to use. The batter not only oozes out of the maker, but it usually sticks all over the grill and makes for an unbelievable clean up. It is just a mess. There is also the concern about cost, as the cheaper ones don’t work as well, and they are the hardest to cleanup. This can easily dampen that exciting Sunday brunch you had planned.

If you are looking for the best inexpensive home waffle maker to use at home, and want to find one at a good cost (less than $50) you should be aware that there are some good choices. There are some quality waffle makers that are easy to clean up and make amazing waffles you will enjoy greatly.

Making sure your waffle maker has dawned the right coating

When looking for a waffle maker begin by looking at the coating on the maker. If they come with a non-stick coating, which many do nowadays, that will make the cleanup much easier. Many also come with specific measurement pieces so you can easily put just the right amount of batter in without it oozing out over the side.

Getting the timing down

There are also many of these appliances where you can set the time that the waffles will cook and also set the temperature setting. Not all come with these mechanisms, and the ones that do can be more in the $40-$50 range, but they take away some of your concern about burnt waffles, and give you tasty, fluffy waffles in each instance.

Flip it real good

Some of the fancier models also come on swivel that allows you to flip the waffle simply by turning the handle. This ensures that the heat is more evenly distributed, because gravity is going to cause the bottom part to cook a little faster, even if it is slightly. By being able to flip the waffle on the swivel this makes a much more evenly cooked pancake.

It also gives you the ability to more easily put the waffle maker away. You simply flip it vertically if you need it to stand up to put it away, or put it down in the horizontal position if needed.

The wattage of the heating elements should be the same, because this is regulated by the government. For those that do not have a temperature control, they will list the cooking temperature in the manual so you have an idea of how long it should take to cook waffles.