Choosing A Reliable Masticating Juicer

The modern society is slowly subscribing the idea of living a healthy life, and more people are going for a balanced diet. Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables have become part of healthy living. People have mastered the art of making nourishing juices and satisfying smoothies. However, I still get questions from people who get confused when picking juicers. After analyzing the questions, I compiled a list of things that I always consider before I buy a juicer to ensure I get the best one in the market.


When I was buying my first juicer, I discovered that Juicers come in different sizes and shapes and varying prices. Cheap juicers cost around $30 while a premium juicer will require one to dish out $200 and above. Like any other buyer, I opted to go for the cheap juicer. However, after few weeks the juicer broke, and I was forced to go back to the shop. At present, I have Masticating style juicer. Is it expensive? Yes! It is relatively expensive but it makes me happy.  Although most of us go for cheap stuff, it’s important to note that the cheap juicers may not serve you for long. Therefore, I would advise buyers to spend the extra cash for a high-quality juicer. Pricier juicers are usually durable, extract more, and have a long useful life.

I also conduct a thorough research on the internet to get a clear picture on pricing. This helps me to ensure that I have enough money, and won’t be caught off guard when I visit the juicer shop.

Unique Needs

To date, I have bought a few juicers in the past, and I can tell you the masticating style juicers are the best. I always check masticating juicer reviews online first to make an informed choice. The reason I prefer masticating juicers is that they rotate at a moderate speed. The juicer is built to squeeze more from fruits and vegetables.  Therefore, you will find that most juices extracted by the masticating juicers are more nutritious and tastier.

Am also keen to choose a juicer based on the intended use. I would recommend the use twin gear juicers because they can handle a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.  Triturating (twin gear) juicers are powerful and squeeze all produce into a tasty pulp.


How soon can I drink the juice I make? This is a question that I regularly ask myself when buying a juicer. When it comes to the topic of time, masticating style juicers seem better than centrifugal juicers. Why? Usually, centrifugal juicers produce a lot of heat and friction, which causes oxidation the juicing process. The heat and oxidation compromise the whole art of juicing. Juicing should smell of freshness and tastefulness. With masticating juicers, I get to drink my juice immediately because heat does not damage it.


When I come to juicers, quality is king.  A juicer is an important kitchen asset. For this reason, I am always keen to pick the best juicer available. Apart from being a kitchen asset, my juicer is an investment in my long-term wellness, energy, and radiance.